Why talent acquisition is so important in carve outs

Guest article by Alexander Darcy from Talmix

Since last year’s Operating Partners Forum, Talmix has played a progressive role in supporting carve outs for multinational private equity businesses. This trend mirrors the wider market, with numerous large corporate divestitures being snapped up by private equity owners. The size of acquisitions has varied significantly, but getting the talent mix right is always important.

Why is there a demand for unique talent for carve out processes?


The heightened sense of urgency that TSAs create means it is essential to deploy the right people as quickly as possible. Delays result in penalties. Consultancy firms have traditionally been a go-to partner due to their fast deployment, but as talent acquisition companies are now able to return ideal candidates within as little as 24 hours, it gives funds greater ability to staff more efficiently.

One situation we helped on last year required someone to stand up a new order-to-cash process.  The fund needed someone to join up with a team on site who was kicking off the full finance set up in the following days so our ability to identify someone who was available and with the right experience was highly valued.  The talent gap may have been identified at the last minute but that is part of the uncertain nature of carve outs.

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